Every girl wants a suit she can move around in. Whether or not she is particularly adventurous, she wants a suit that enables her to be so—to cruise waves without thinking twice, to swim to the depths of the ocean on a whim, to hop from one adventure to the next without being too fussed about the wardrobe.

She wants everything all at once: function without drab, classic without stuffy, chic without effort, sexy without showing too much, flirty without being too cutesy, cool without fuss. Not to mention, an over-all versatility that takes one from the beach to every kind of dress with the simple addition of blue jeans and sneakers, denim cut-offs and flip-flops, or a hip-hugging skirt and heels.

What Float Swimwear offers is just that. An independent label that produces chic and uncomplicated suits in limited runs, Float Swimwear focuses more on delivering timeless classics by way of flattering cuts and comfortable fit for every size, and an added bonus of UPF protection. Float aims to make suits that allow a woman to do what she needs to do, whether on sea or shore, without having to spare a second thought on whether or not she can look good doing it. Because where form and function cross paths en route to sandier pastures, you can be sure Float Swimwear is nearby, ready with your most beautiful armor.

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