FLOAT MATERNITY is here. These chic and timeless pieces are designed to grow with you and back again. You can find dresses, cover-ups and swimwear that will accommodate your bump, no matter what trimester you’re in even postpartum.

All pieces are thoughtfully designed for every stage of pregnancy and motherhood so you can still do you.

Our fabric offers 4-way stretch plus retention for your growing bump. We recommend ordering the size you would have selected prior to your pregnancy for the perfect fit. This size should see you through until the end.

Teo still wears her pre-pregnancy float size at 32 weeks.

We got you, mama!

Real Girls

Women, especially, are taught to shrink themselves, take up less space, stay quiet, be modest, and cover up every perceived imperfection. But at @float_swim, our mission towards radical inclusivity means creating space for all things: flat chests and butts, straighter silhouettes, scars and beauty marks, excess skin after weight loss, and muscular physiques, to start. But also infertility, PCOS, miscarriage, being single into and past your thirties, aging and what that means for every individual woman.



Our bodies do not determine our value, because our sums are greater than all our physical parts. We will no longer accept a standard of so-called perfection that doesn’t make room for our experiences, our backgrounds, our talents, our thoughts, and the range of things we have to offer beyond the physical.



We all deserve to be seen, especially in the images of women we accept. So what better place to start than with us, than with you? This time, we’re starting with real beauty.


The Pandemic Effect

It’s a tale as old as time: a woman’s changing body is put centre stage and scrutinized for every part of it that isn’t up to the culture’s toxic beauty standard.

The world is indeed burning— and the pandemic effect is way more than the superficial changes that was shown. People lost jobs, loved ones, and hope as a deadly virus ravaged through our country. And the last thing we need is any one dictating our value based on our looks.

To whoever has felt less than these unrealistic body standards, remember that our bodies have kept us healthy throughout a deadly pandemic.

If there’s anything we can learn from this, it’s that it’s time to celebrate our bodies for what they are and what they can do. Your body is meant to change, your high value will always stay the same

#WomenEmpowerWomen —- We are glad that people are now keeping brands accountable for presenting toxic values that could harm the most vulnerable self esteems. Never forget you are more than your physical body: you are your intelligence, your values, your aspirations, and your strength.

Normalize Breastfeeding

Dear Mother,

Shame was the smoke that lingered in your mirrors. The expectation to be modest and unblemished, a vessel only valued for its fruit. You were conditioned to embrace your purpose, but not your power. As if the world had the right to tell you how to use your body. And yet, through fear and joy, pleasure and pain, you emerge triumphant. If you can birth life, you can create anything.

Listen closely: love yourself as much as you love your baby. Though she leaves your body, her heartbeat is still an echo of yours. You are raising a child, but still growing yourself. You don't have to look or act or feed the way they say. Trust your body, trust your instincts, trust the process. Though the world keeps telling us they know better, wear what you like.

Go ahead and strip away all the layers of shame and expectation. Your body is yours: for pleasure, for purpose, for nourishment, for fun. As your body goes through the seasons, let it change and blossom and bear fruit... This is a transformation that should never be covered up. Clothe yourself with the confidence that you know exactly what your body can do.

Plus Size

There is no one single body type. Take into account that each body is a witness to an individual journey: toes that have buried themselves in the finest sand, fingers that have intertwined with a lover’s, palms that have toiled to reap sweet rewards, eyes that look straight ahead into the next great pursuit. Take into account the complexity of every woman—a mixture of legs and hips and skin and muscle, of soft and strong, rough and chic, sensitive and sassy, adventuresome and sexy. The shapes are much more varied than simply round or triangle and pear, and the sizes are endless.

So instead of asking women to fit in a box, we make it our mission to set them free with real, striking, and practical options. Options that allow one to look as great as she feels while she does exactly what she wants, staying as comfortable as she can doing it. Because once a woman slips into a suit she loves, she begins to believe that she is beautiful as she is without the need for embellishment; that she is strong enough to conquer whatever territory she sets her sights on; that there are no waves too large, no terrain too steep, no expedition too daunting, and definitely no curves too great.

So come on, ladies. Live a little. Jump right in. Push as hard as you want. Float Swimwear is right here with you.

Love Your Imperfections

Your body is a story still in progress. And like most great stories, it was not meant to stay unadulterated and smooth. It was and is meant to come with scars, the tell-tale signs of having gone out on a limb to live the best way you know how.

You were meant understand how far you can be catapulted by the adrenaline pumping through your veins, to know that scraped elbows and knees are sometimes a necessary rite of passage in mastering your body and its abilities. You were meant to know the journey of your heart racing as your feet jump off the edge of that cliff, into deep waters that for a second, envelop you in darkness. You were meant to understand what it is to rise back up to the surface, the sun streaming down on your skin like a smile, and to feel yourself reborn. You were made rise after each fall, and to fall multiple times until you rise so high the stars dance beneath your feet.

You were made to know no greater thrill and no greater life than freeing yourself from the shackles of perfection, and embracing the understanding that beauty is perfected by the marks experience leaves behind. You were meant to draw a map with the tracks on your skin of how you became the woman you are now, how you chose her over everything, and what you had to sacrifice to get her to where she is.

You were made to be the kind of woman you want to be, without needing anyone else’s permission. You are strong, you have conquered, and the skin you’re in preaches the gospel of your brand of woman, telling the world just how much you can do when you so please.